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Şebnem Şen Aydın

Transform Coaching and Consultancy whose head office is located in Izmir, is a company which serves personal and corporate development and energy cleaning services in both English and Turkish languages, and  witnesses many miracles in the lives of its clients.

Transform, who has clients from around the world has proven its success not only on adults but also on the youngsters and children who are the most important part of this world’s future.

Ayşe İpek Blake

What makes Transform’s experts’ services different is not her focus on what happened to her clients but rather her participation and personal investment to every individual aligning themselves towards their goals, and their integration as they step up into the self-created adventure up ahead. The meaning of the name of this company is not a coincidence but a promise to its clients who are desperate not to change but transform and become aware of their true potentials.





Şebnem who is co-founder of Transform; graduated from the American College of Izmir and Istanbul University as a major in the Faculty of Economics, International Relations Department; had worked as a senior executive in multinational companies both in and outside of Turkey for many years, and in 2004, moved to Dubai, UAE. Because of her expertise in Logistics and International Finance, she led many projects within her field, many of which included the contribution and presence of the Government of Dubai.

As a young child Şebnem has always believed that there is more to everything than what the eye can see. In order to remain within the “normal” standards of society and feed her intuition, she found refuge in books and art and was a frequent reader, a writer in Bütün Dünya magazine and a painter from a young age.

After realizing that self-expression through colors and paint was unable to quench her thirst for answers, alongside leadership trainings for her professional career, she attended various other courses as well. Learning alongside a professional in his field, Lukas Putz, in Illuminations Center, she graduated and earned her certification as a Master SRT Practitioner (SRT- Spiritual Response Therapy) herself. Alongside this, she also attended personal energy trainings given by the Mel Carnegie, the author of the well-known book “I am Still Standing.”


Ayşe İpek Blake, who lives in Urla; started her education at Bursa Private İnal School, American College of Üsküdar, and graduated from the Department of Textile Chemistry at Manchester University Institute of Science and Technology. In addition to teaching, she continued her career in textile, food, logistics and trade sectors for many years.

İpek who also has always believed that there is more energies to everything than what one can see and touch has attended the "The Essence of Reconnective Healing Practitioner Training" program in Milan / Italy; given by Eric Pearl, a doctor, author and chiropractor and became a certified Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner. She also attended the Reconnection Certified Practitioner Course under the same program.

During the Reconnective Healing  sessions, İpek focuses on the body as a whole while concentrating on the current energy flows in the universe and on the client with special techniques to balance the Emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical energies. If the client is ready, the healing definitely arrives in some form.

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