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The quality of your life is aligned with the questions you ask yourself every day. When you understand the behavior that stalls you from your progression towards your life goals, everything becomes possible. The most crucial factor here is: learn how you can be unaffected by the stalling words of others, and change the decisions and beliefs which no longer serve you today.

When you perform this cleansing, not only will this change your feelings but also the way you perceive and understanding even the smallest things in your life, and alter the future that you will want to create for yourself.

The only way that you can change your model of the world is by making peace with yourself, and your now. As your mentor, we are ready to walk with you hand in hand on this breath taking adventure of yours.


Reconnective Healing, the latest version of bioenergy tecnique, is purely an alternative medicine supporter and its main goal is to balance the emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical energies of the client.


As Khalil Gibran, a poet, writer, philosopher and painter, says: “we are the bow, our children are the arrows thrown far ahead of us. We archers see the target in the way of eternity and try to make the arrow fly away by tilting the bow with that supreme power.


As we develop and experience what we call an awakening, we become more conscious of our outside world- yet true awakening happens when we begin looking deeper into ourselves. 


An accelerated, growing return on investment can only be achieved through a healed work process. Many corporations today receive the benefits of investment on their employees’ personal development and growth through wonderfully boosted work performance, 


However “marriage” comes to mind when we speak about relationship coaching; actually this practice covers all types of relations i.e. life partnership, motherhood, fatherhood, siblings, relatives, business friends and friendship itself.


The pendulum is a device formed by a mass which is easily connected to one end of a rope. The device tends to maintain its equilibrium position due to gravitational force. The root of pendulum use in history is based on trying to find water, gold, oil or other minerals.

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