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We align this realization with this awakening, which accelerates our development and growth as a being. As we wake up and complete our spiritual growth with the assistance of our higher self, we soon understand that our reality does not happen from the outside-in, rather, we form our reality inside of us and reflect it onto our outside world. Our higher self, corresponds to our inner strengths. When we start living with this realization, we begin taking responsibility for everything that we observe in our reality.

With the awareness of this power we start taking responsibility on all of our experiences. Anything that we believe affects us positively or negatively is just a reflection of our inner reality. When we take this into consideration, everything that happens “around us” becomes our own responsibility. This feeling of responsibility diverts us from feelings that are derived from lower vibrations, such as anger, disillusioned negativity, fear, or grief.

If you are looking for the meaning of life or searching for a purpose or relationship that would give you this meaning; want to change your life but are not sure where to start or how to approach it; want to completely rid yourself of stress, fear, anxiety, or grief; are in need of expanding your confidence and get rid of the feelings of embarrassment or guilt; and/or any of the listed situation defines you; plus you have noticed that you are unable to guide yourself out of your current state, you may choose to experience a personal breakthrough in order to increase the quality of your life

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