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Once this balance is established, one's habits, sadness, expectations, susceptibility may fade away thus his life and perception will turn into positive direction. The appearance of any problems in the body is the fact that our subconscious warns us. These warnings may be in the form of headache, muscle pain, insomnia, palpitations, fatigue, reluctance and even occasional acute-subacute-chronic organ disorders, Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, various obsessive disorders, psychological disorders such as eating disorders. There is no regional study in bioenergy alternative medicine. The practitioner energizes the entire body, regardless of which complaint the client has come to. Only in this way is it possible to achieve full balance. The most effective way for the client to allow healing is to be in a state of hope without expectation, without trying to shape the form of healing, and to intend to take the form of healing at the beginning of the session. During the Reconnective Healing session, eyes closed client may experience visual, sensory, temperature differences in the body and kinesthetic experiences even though the practitioner is not touching himself. The practitioner may also observe unintentional muscle movements or fidgeting on the client. It is recommended to perform Reconnective Healing sessions 3 to 7 times (at least 3). At the end of the third session, an absolute transformation is observed in the person's awareness and outlook on life. According to the feedbacks received; the client practitioner decide on the number of sessions, together. Reconnective Healing may be practiced physically while the client is physically with the practitioner however the technique allows a distance session and healing too.

Eric Pearl ve Şebnem Şen Aydın Reconnective Healing
Reconnective Healing Türkiye, Şebnem Şen Aydın ve İpek Blake Transform Koçluk ve Danışmanlık
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